LSPC with Grout

Durability on LSPC(low density spc) core products is maximized due to the addition of a colored wear layer between the décor film and the core.As CeraGrout technology mills grouts directly into this additional wear layer, available in any color, the risk of grout damage,color deviations, staining and the gathering of mold is eliminated. This increased resilience outperforms both a v-groove and a traditional ceramic grouts in terms of wear and tear.

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• Product: LSPC with grout line both in the middle and on the edges of the panel

• Density: 1.6g/cm3

• Production: co-extrusion +

                             Innovative middle grout line mimics two tiles in one

                             I4F CeraGrout technology enables the milling of an additional grout line in the middle

                            of a tile or panel, mimicking two pieces on a single panel. This greatly facilitates the

                            creation of staggered patterns and cuts installation time in half.

• Structure: UV coating + wear layer + decor film + colored wear layer + foamed SPC core + LVT layer

• Wear Layer:  22 mil

• Overall Thickness: 5.5mm  (excluding IXPE)

• Acoustical backing: 1mm IXPE

• 100% Phthalate Free

• Heavy Scratch & Stains Resistance

• Clic locking system: I4F  for an easy,strong and secure installation

• Reach Compliant

• Warranty:   3-Year Commercial & 15-Year Residential   (12mil)

  10-Year Commercial & Lifetime Residential  (20mil)


• Grout:with grout line both in the middle and on the edges of the panel

• Density: 1.6g/cm3 , lighter than traditional SPC

• Sound Isolation:better than traditional SPC due to foamed middle layer

• Performance on subfloor with high humidity : excellent, traditional SPC has bad performance.

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

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