SPC featuring pillowed edges

Whereas a traditional beveled edge has a distinctive 45° angle, pillow-edged have a gentle rounding down from the surface of the floor into the bevel. Pressing creates this casual, rounded look, like the side of a pillow.The Pillowed Bevel SPC enhances the appearance of resilient flooring to be even closer to real wood than ever before.Our pillowed bevel SPC are available in any color and regular plank and tile sizes.

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• Product: SPC featuring pillowed edges

• Wear Layer: 22 mil (0.55 mm)

• Dimension: 181x1244.6 mm;181x1524 mm

• Thickness: 5.0 mm(excluding IXPE)

• 1mm IXPE acoustical backing

• 100% Phthalate Free

• Heavy Scratch & Stains Resistance

• 5Gi Clic locking system for an easy,strong and secure installation

• Reach Compliant

• Warranty: 10-Year Commercial & Lifetime Residential

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

  • Certificate 9001、14001-…

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  • Greenguard Gold Certific…

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